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PHOTOS -Radio Hall, Bucharest, December 23

The event that took place last evening at the Radio Hall in Bucharest marked the launch of the Christmas carols CD, "O, ce veste minunata". Right on time for the holidays.
The National Radio Orchestra conducted by Tiberiu Soare opened the evening, followed by Romanian Christmas carols performed by the National Chamber Choir Madrigal conducted by Voicu Popescu.
Angela Gheorghiu sung O, ce veste minunata and Trei Crai with the Accoustic Choir conducted by Daniel Jinga and then Din an in an, O, Holly Night, Mos Craciun and Colindita (the last two as encores) with the National Radio Orchestra and Madrigal Choir

It was a great evening!

Photo @Irina Stanescu

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BBC Radio 3 spread the Romanian Christmas carols feeling

After being reviewed in Gramophone Magazine, Angela's Romanian Christmas carols CD amazed the BBC Radio 3 producer, Rob Cowan. Isn't that great?

He didn't choose to broadcast the singles already released but a new carol, Coroana de trandafiri (Crown on roses). Listen to his opinion on this beautiful carol and listen to the song itself starting at 2 hours 44 minutes on BBC iPlayer (the broadcast is available for 5 more days). Angela Gheorghiu performs together with the National Radio Orchestra and the Chamber National Choir Madrigal,  conducted by Tiberiu Soare

Don't forget that the album is available for download on iTunes.

Here's the fragment from the BBC Radio 3 morning broadcast (press the Play button then give it a few seconds to load)

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AUDIO - Christmas carol #2, Din an in an

Din an in an, the second single from the Christmas carols CD was released today. Beautiful!

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The sound of Christmas

Two weeks to Christmas. Here's one of the carols from the Christmas carols CD, La Vitleem colo-n jos

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"Striking experience", says Gramophone

Jon Tolansky published a very well documented review of the CD in Gramophone Magazine yesterday. According to what he wrote, listening to this CD is a striking experience.

[…] One of this artist’s abundant great qualities is the bountiful harvest of varying colours and characterisation her voice expresses in differing poetic, dramatic and psychological situations, and here she infuses these vibrant and often poignant traditional carols with an individualistic folk-like timbre and pointed rhythmic animation that arises from her inner identification and lifelong familiarity with this music of her heritage. […]

Read the entire review on Gramophone and don't forget that the CD is available for download on iTunes.

Not only that the CD was reviewed in Gramophone, but the news spread in all the Romanian press over the night. All the newspapers mentioned this, considering it a big accomplishment.
and so on

I'm very happy and proud!

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La Boheme, before and after

What's to do when waiting for the performance to begin? Look around, take some photos, killing nerves, looking forward to be bohemized once again.



Thank you for a great evening and an emotional and breath taking act three seen from the best spot in the entire opera house!

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VIDEO - La Boheme curtain call on December 7

This was the second performance of La Boheme at Vienna State Opera. There's one more coming up on December 11.

I'm up on my white cloud. I'll be back in two-three days!

Angela Gheorghiu (Mimi), Valentina Nafornita (Musetta), Yosep Kang (Rodolfo, last minute replacing for Vittorio Grigolo), Gabriel Bermudez (Marcello), Tae-Joong Yang (Schaunard), Dan Paul Dumitrescu (Colline)

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New CD featured on iTunes

Happy to see that the new CD, "O, ce veste minunata" is in the New&Noteworthy section of iTunes. Check it out on iPhones

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A makeover with a high star factor - La Boheme in Vienna

Kurier published this review today, following the opining night of La Boheme at Staatsoper Vienna, stating that Angela Gheorghiu's presence in this 403rd performance of Zeffirelli's production makes a clear difference and the staging seems suddenly fresh and very lively. 

The reviewer was impressed by Angela's voice saying that her beautiful, clear, finely controlled, luminous soprano is simply ideal for this game; the lyrical moments and the delicate piano were also beautiful.

Very nice words about all the members of the cast. But it seems that the conductor didn't have his best night as he got the boos at the curtain call.

There are two more performances of La Boheme scheduled on December 7 and 11.
Angela Gheorghiu and Vittorio Grigolo
Photo @Wiener Staatsoper/Michael Poehn

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Short interview on La Boheme at Staatsoper Vienna, opening on December 4

La Boheme is opening at Staatsoper Vienna on September 4, followed by two more performances on September 7 and 11, starring Angela Gheorghiu and Vittorio Grigolo.

This article is published in the magazine of the Opera House. The text tells us about Angela Gheorghiu and Vittrorio Grigolo's relationship to La Bohème. Both have a special relation to this Puccini opera. Angela describes what Bohème means to her professional life: her examination, her debut at the Royal Opera House. And she tells us how she felt when she was a student, so her life compared to this life of the students in Bohème in these days. She says: you feel happy and merry (like the queen of the world, like you have all the force) although you have few money. And Grigolo agrees: he felt the same when he was a student. 
Later on Angela says, in her eyes Mimi isn't such a naive girl as it seems, she is more similar to Musetta. Mimi knows that there are four young single men living next to her. She loves the role of Mimi. They ask Grigolo if he feels more pity for Rodolfo or for Mimi, for both he says. Both singers are asked for their highlights of the opera: the third act, and for Angela also the second because of the merry atmosphere and for Grigolo the final - at the end, the entire opera.

Thank you Claudia & Martine! See you both soon!

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On the cover of Psychologies Magazine

Spotted!The December issue of Psychologies Magazine (Romania) is now out. Look for it at the news stands. There's an interview inside. More info.. soon

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Guten Abend, Gute Nacht

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VIDEO from the concert in Vienna on November 23

And some video fragments from the concert, one piece Angela Gheorghiu performed at the beginning (Song to the Moon) and two of the encores (Ave Maria and O, mio babbino caro)

Song to the Moon (from Rusalka)

Ave Maria (from Otello)

O, mio babbino caro (from Gianni Schicchi)

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PHOTOS - Concert in Vienna, November 23

Angela Gheorghiu, Charles Castronovo (left) and conductor Tiberiu Soare (right)

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