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Recital at the Shanghai International Arts Festival, October 30

Anglea will perform at the 16th edition of the Shanghai International Arts Festival on October 30, 2014. She will be accompanied by Romanian pianist Alexandru Petrovici.

Repertoire for this concert includes classic tracks of Chopin, Debussy and Rachmaninoff

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First AG autograph I've ever got

My treasure box contains the opera&concert tickets from all the performances I have attended for the past seven years. And also many programs, most of them signed by the artists.  To my great joy, I found this one. It dates back to October 2008, it was Faust at the Vienna State Opera. My first eye to eye meeting with Angela. Needless to say I couldn't say a word. Hope at least I smiled…I don't remember. It was a thunder strike. You all know the feeling :)

So here it is. The very first autograph Angela signed for me. My preeeeciouuuussssss! 

Have a sunny Saturday!

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PHOTOS from the Beirut Recital, August 3

 Via the Baalbeck International Festival Facebook page

Angela Gheorghiu and Alexandru Petrovici

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Today in Beirut, Lebanon

Setup ready at Casino du Liban Theatre in Beirut for the recital tonight, part of Baalbeck International Festival. On stage, Angela Gheorghiu and Alexandru Petrovici, piano

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