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Program for the concert in Regensburg on July 27

Some might say it's post event info. It is, but as it wasn't made public before and many asked me if I knew what Angela sung, so here it is. Many thanks to Martine! 
I also asked her how Tu che di del sei cinta was, as I've never listen to it live. Liu was fantastic. Puccini wrote Liu for her, said Martine. I secretly hope to see it included in future programs.

There were five encores, All the things you are, Guten Abend, Gut' Nacht and……….. ?

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PHOTOS from the concert in Regensburg via Getty Images

Concert in Regensburg, Germany
July 27

Angela Gheorghiu
Hofer Symphoniker Orchestra
Tiberiu Soare, conductor

All the photos @Getty Images

Photo @Rainer Pleischmann

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Regensburg concert…twitted

Some photos posted on Twitter from the concert in Regensburg this evening. And some hints of the program…Habanera, some Massenet, some Tosti, All the things you are, Guten Abend, Gut' Nacht...

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The 2014 run of La Boheme in London ended. Lots of photos here.

And one more round of applauses for Angela Gheorghiu, Vittorio Grigolo, Irina Lungu, Massimo Cavalletti, Lauri Vasar and Gábor Bretz! They all brought to life a beautiful story. Congratulations!

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Something I like


To someone special!
Toi, toi, toi for tonight!

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VIDEO footage from La Boheme at ROH

Official footage posted earlier today on the Royal Opera House's YouTube page. Short interviews and a sum up of La Boheme in only 3:40 minutes.
The final performance of La Boheme of this season is on Saturday, July 19.


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A world stage

Room 31 at the ROH may seem pretty (oh, so pretty!) crowded these days. But what a fabulous crowd.
When in London, make sure you do not miss them on stage during the final performances of this season.

Royal Opera House. A world stage.

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#ROHboheme, seen on Twitter

The large number of tweets from last night's live screening of La Boheme around UK prove one more that people are addicted to their phones 24/7. This is how I found out that there were more than 6000 people in Trafalgas Square in London and that at some point the police restricted the acces as there were too many people and there wasn't any spot to sit down anymore. Great!

Photos via Twitter

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First photo from La Boheme, spotted on Twitter

***UPDATE, a few hours later. ROH published another photo, this time on Facebook. Image © ROH / Catherine Ashmore 2014

Angela Gheorghiu and Vittorio Grigolo in act II of La Boheme

The Royal Opera House twitted earlier the photo below. Probably there are more to come and on more official channels, including credits.

Angela Gheorghiu and Vittorio Grigolo in act III of La Boheme

Enjoy the screenings tonight!

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